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Been a long time...
Wow, how many years has it been since I posted here? RL just got too busy, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. I got distracted from my fanfics by an idea for a novel with original characters, plot, etc. Kinda frustrating, because I'm neglecting a fanfic I'm quite attached to, plus I don't really have time to do much writing on the novel. :(

I will write that thing, though. Fortunately the news just gives me more and more fodder and ideas... maybe too many.

OK, as an American, I grew up expecting 22 episodes a year from TV shows. Apparently Brits don't do it that way, and now cable stations like Syfy are following suit. Favorite series like Eureka are now leaving viewers dangling (it seems like) indefinitely just like the Brits. It seems like things are just getting going, the series is just hitting its stride, then BOOM! It's over, at least until another 6 months or so...

I finally understand what addiction is all about.

So, supposedly Matt Smith has signed up for another 14 episodes of my beloved Doctor Who for next year, but Steven Moffat seems to have other ideas. Who are we to believe?

Right about now, I'm frankly getting sick and tired of believing anyone. ENOUGH ALREADY! Quit freaking toying with us! It's bad enough I have to wait until late Summer/Early Fall/Mid Fall/ Late Fall (reports can't seem to agree) to get my next Doctor Who fix, now Steven Moffat says there won't be a full season next year, he's going to SURPRISE US!!!

I'm thoroughly sick of surprises, I was sick of them after David Tennant's sorry excuse for a final season (much as I do love him) and I don't want ANY MORE.

Can the BBC just put on a fraking TV show, for GAWD's sake, and quit with all the BS? PLEASE???

And could BBC America please quit cutting parts out of the show? I think 15 minutes of commercials is plenty, you're putting in more commercials at a cost, and that cost is my viewership! Is it worth it?

Too darned busy
Some people feel they have no life. Sometimes I feel like I have too much of one. I really need to cut back on some things so I have time to write. I am writing, mostly a special project, but I hope to get back to Jon and Rose soon, they've got some serious business to take care of.

New Story - Judas' Kiss
Title: Judas' Kiss
Rating: T
Characters: Duplicate Doctor (Jon), Rose Tyler, other characters
Timeline: After my AU Chronicles story, Come Here Often?
Disclaimer: The BBC owns and profits from Doctor Who, I just write stories.

Judas' KissCollapse )

Starting the next story
 Finally got around to starting the next story in my Doctor Who AU Chronicles series. In it, Rose will have to explain to Jackie just how and why her physiology has changed so much, then when she and Jon get home to New Gallifrey, they will find out what the Esteemed Father has been up to.

In other news, I have a new grandchild.  :D

Jack and Jon
Title: Jack and Jon
Rating: M
Characters: Jack, Duplicate Doctor (Jon)
Timeline: After my AU Chronicles series ends - which it hasn't, yet.
Summary: Jon has lost his Rose, and turns to Jack for comfort.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns and profits from Doctor Who, I just write stories.
A/N: I'm not into slash, but this plot bunny just wouldn't leave me alone. As is, what very little slash there is, isn't explicit. This has not been posted on any other sites yet. Let me know what you think.

Jack and JonCollapse )

Come Here Often? Epilogue
 Come Here Often? EpilogueCollapse )

Come Here Often? Chapter 7
 Come Here Often? Chapter 7Collapse )

Come Here Often? Chapter 6
 Come Here Often? Chapter 6Collapse )

Come Here Often? Chapter 5
 Come Here Often? Chapter 5Collapse )


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